Enjoy a horse-drawn wagon or carriage ride with us!

Located near Bellingham, Washington, our teams of Black Percherons and Spotted Draft Horses are available for many different events. Along with our two beautiful horse-drawn vis-a-vis carriages, buckboard wagon, and more rustic and old-fashioned horse-drawn covered wagons.

Have a special family event coming up? We are available for birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, class reunions, weddings, picnics, parties or other special events coming your way. Our beautiful white vis-a-vis carriages are a perfect addition to any wedding.


A horse-drawn wagon is a fun addition to any event. Hayrides in the fall are always a treat and don’t forget that special touch to your Halloween or Christmas Party this year. Christmas Caroling in the back of the wagon as the horses draw you down the street or through a park or shopping center will draw the eye of everyone around you.

Business parties and picnics, political rallies and parades. Putting an appearance in a parade representing your business or group, our horse-drawn wagons are always an eye-catcher. Young and old are delighted by the sight of the large, gentle horses as they pull one of our wagons or vis-a-vis carriages down the street decorated with your colors and/or signs, advertising your business, message or event. They are a definite plus at a company picnic, where everyone will enjoy a ride in one of our wagons. They are quite a sight, all decked out in their shiny harness at a grand opening for any business person wanting to gain more attention in the community.

Past Functions:

  • BP Refinery Picnics
  • Intalco Aluminum Picnic
    Conoco/Phillips Refinery Picnic
  • Everson Summer Festival
  • Ferndale Old Settlers Picnic and Old Fashioned Christmas in the Park
  • Semiahmoo Christmas events
  • Weddings, parades, funerals, show, and school events.
We would like to extend a special, “Thank you,” to our sponsors, Sea-Tac Self Storage.